Alison Raffaele True Concealer

August 3rd, 2012

I’m pretty sure that we all want to move in a more eco friendly direction in our lives- on any level we can. Even the most hardcore of beauty professionals can admit to feeling better when they know a product they love is also free of the chemicals and stuff that we just really don’t need. Enter Alison Raffaele True Concealer….My Balanced Beauty Product of the Week at The Tao of Dana….


For this weeks Balanced Beauty Product of the Week I am giving a big shout out to Alison Raffaele True Concealer. Every now and then I put something on and it elicits a “wow”. This concealer did that for me the first time I used it.  If you are searching for safer cosmetic choices, and are looking to move your makeup bag in a more health conscious direction but also need coverage you can count on- look no further. From the moment I saw it touch the skin I was impressed with the lightweight coverage that layered/blended well and its velvet soft finish. It covered and camouflaged both an acne breakout and some mean dark under eye circles beautifully. The skin tone color choices are superb and covers all ranges. Suitable for all skin types-it contains antioxidants such as Pomegranate and Resveratrol. A Makeup Artist herself, Alison Raffaele created a product line that perfectly marries cosmetic consciousness with real performance.  Her line is 100% Paraben, Talc, Mineral Oil, Fragrance & Gluten Free, and Vegan. To learn more about Alison Raffaele Cosmetics and to explore the full line visit her website-