Desert Beauty.

June 24th, 2017


Makeup has become so heavy and so thick with contour and highlight. Personally, I’ve had enough. Now that I’m based in the desert, I’ve made the decision to give up foundation. Less is more! As skin matures you might want to chart a course for refinement and rejuvenation. Otherwise- makeup can really become mask like on the skin. Consider your environment, as well. Where I live the temperatures are high and the air is dry. Skin protection comes first for me now. Concealer only where I need it. I’ve simplified everything. Especially my makeup bag. A perfect multi-use palette that’s changed the makeup game for me is from Nude & Noir – it has everything I need to highlight, shade, contour and add a pop of color. It’s vegan and the packaging is a gorgeous eggplant color that I find myself slightly obsessed with….